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I was researching an article on web piracy (published today by Slate) when I first came across a Chinese video site called Tuduo. It seems to be interested in becoming China’s youtube (though the copyright policing is not at youtube’s level yet–which is how I came by them in the first place.) Or maybe better. (via NewTeeVee interview with Tuduo CEO Gary Wang):

NewTeeVee: You’ve been called the Chinese YouTube, but do you compete with YouTube on your own turf?

Wang: YouTube has .1 percentage market share in China — they are nowhere.

Take that, Google. We don’t care how many of your principles you betrayed, we still don’t want your weak youtube. The local connection to Tudou comes from Cambridge’s General Catalyst, which helped lead a $19 mil round of funding this summer for Tudou. Which makes sense, I suppose, given Boston’s Irish heritage. (Tudou is the Chinese word for potato. I’ll be here all week. Try the veal.)


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