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si-el-unch-3-500.jpgBoston Green Goods (um, located in Waltham) got some good ink from the WSJ today for their website Greenandmore.com. The pic above is their solar powered phone/iPod/PSP charger, which runs about $120. And the wind-up flashlights are pretty awesome, too. You can do so much for the earth without having to stand in Downtown Crossing in the rain asking people if they have five minutes for the environment.


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Xconomy’s first poll results (what you’d invest in around New England if you had $10 mil to toss around) came back, and clean energy won more than 50 percent of the votes. Even though Robert Burdei would have inverted them, the results seems unsurprising. From the solar-powered trash compactors, the wind energy startups (take that, Teddy), and the answers to the corn ethanol problems, there is some serious things afoot in the state. And the barrels of money being spent. Plus, you know, media (ahem) would like to think they could at least try and help build a cleantech bubble. Maybe get the industry a piece of those billion-dollar promises kicking around.

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