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As the Globe Turns

The NYTCo, parent of the Globe, expects 1 to 2 percent higher revenues in November. Maybe a bonus for Globe staffers? (Via WSJ)

The company also expects staff-reduction costs of $14 million to $16 million in the current quarter. The New York Times announced the layoff of about a dozen support-staff jobs last month. The company sees cost savings of some $230 million the next two years, including $130 million in 2008.

Eep. Or maybe not.

The WSJ via Marketwatch also has an interesting look at the advantage that Curt Schilling has in the entrepreneur market, comparing his experience with that of fellow entrepreneur Mark Rukavina:

At the Sofitel Hotel, tucked between the massive Oracle Corp. campus and Highway 101, Rukavina and Schilling were among dozens of entrepreneurs that got their turn in the spotlight in front of an audience of venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. …The buzz his presence created doesn’t compare to opening day at Fenway Park, but it did turn normally mild-mannered venture capitalists into giddy schoolboys hoping to shake the hand that catapults a baseball 95 miles per hour. Even Rukavina, sitting anonymously yesterday at a round table in the main ballroom hours before presenting the business plan of Scottsdale, Ariz.-based iMemories Inc., said he was “kicking himself” for scheduling a meeting during Schilling’s on-stage interview.

Yeah, I could see how it would get him an audience. But I’d think, you know, profit would come before fandom. Well, in most cities, at least.

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