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Turn Right for Sale


uLocate, a company I’ve written about in the past, held a contest recently for mobile developers looking to get some attention from VCs. The winners provide a good look at some of the smart things coming from area mobile tech:

Winning entry Yokel is a location enabled shopping portal that helps consumers find the availability and pricing of products in nearby retail stores based on their current location. Yokel’s unique interface allows users to search for virtually any type of item including electronics, home appliances, clothing and more.

Proxido leverages WHERE’s location enabled technology to allow people to organize their lives through a task list of geographically placed reminders. For example, a person can receive a Proxido alert reminding them to pick up milk at a nearby convenience store on their evening commute home from work.

CellSoul calculates the precise timing of the five daily Muslim prayers based on a user’s current GPS coordinates. In addition to prayer times, users are notified of nearby mosques and can easily access contact information and driving directions to these locations.

I like the second idea a good deal, but that may just be because I am prone to being extremely forgetful. All three are worth keeping an eye on.


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