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si-el-unch-3-500.jpgBoston Green Goods (um, located in Waltham) got some good ink from the WSJ today for their website Greenandmore.com. The pic above is their solar powered phone/iPod/PSP charger, which runs about $120. And the wind-up flashlights are pretty awesome, too. You can do so much for the earth without having to stand in Downtown Crossing in the rain asking people if they have five minutes for the environment.


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Yeah, finding a rodent infestation has to be kind of a tough thing for Home Depot to handle. (Via WickedLocal) But this juxtaposition between the PR statement and customer quotes is priceless:

“We don’t serve food,” said Bowman. “That construction has really caused a lot of [the problems seen].” Bowman insisted that the rodent problems were under control and being taken care of.

But Abercrombie felt otherwise, “I told my children it’s because they’re a big company. At Home Depot, nobody cares. I said ‘Don’t you people care?’ The reason I got upset is mostly because are we not men? Can’t we solve these problems? These guys are letting mice beat them.”

Yeah, but I bet that mice-filled birdseed was real cheap.

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What doesn’t global warming ruin? Arctic vacations, guiltless SUV purchases, the clothing market. Hingham-based Talbot’s lost $9.4 million in the third quarter thanks in part to the warmer weather this year. And Arnold takes the blame, getting the ax in favor of Publicis, a New York firm. Now, I know little about Publicis, but what I found out from their website is that they are the minds behind the unholy terror that are these animated Charmin bear ads:

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Abigail Johnson, daughter of Edward (Chrmn & CEO, Fidelity) , may be getting squeezed out of the top job after her pops retires. The new succession plan from Fidelity has her taking the chairman role, but not the CEO spot.

Twenty years with the company, HBS degree, a royal bloodline, and this is how you get treated?

The media has been trying to get into this story for a few years, resulting in at least one candidate for the most elaborate, embarrassing corrections I’ve ever seen. Well, here it is, complete with this bit of soft misogyny from a fellow Fidelity employee:

Ms. Johnson drives herself to work in Marlborough, 40 miles outside Boston, where she oversees thousands of employees in the personal and workplace investing division. …

“She was late one morning to a meeting, and said she got a flat and changed her own tire,” Jack Callahan, who oversees Fidelity’s registered investment advisers, said in an interview earlier this year.

I’ll bet she can probably even start a gas grill, just like the menfolk.

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The Patriot-Ledger reports on the $55 million purchase by Boston Brewery Co. makers of Sam Adams, of a brewery near Bethelem, Pa. Kind of near that. The closest major institution, according to this page? The Little People Country Club. (Insert bad joke here.)

The awful wordplay won’t stop: They are making the Pa. move because their initial site in FREETOWN, Ma, became too expensive. Oh, the irony.

Still, I think maybe they shouldn’t be allowed to use advertisements with all those bearded dudes with Southie accents now.

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