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Boston’s Backchannelmedia closed out another $3 mil this quarter, raising their total to $10 mil over the past two years. (via PEHub) The basic idea behind backchannelmedia is that–and this is their own words–that “television advertising should become accountable.” In other words, bcm can track the efficiency of those big ad dollars by linking TV and internet in such a way that consumers can see an ad on TV and purchase the product immediately. Here’s the co-CEO discussing this with more anecdotes with Xconomy:

“Say you’re watching the Grammies and the Dixie Chicks are on,” explains Daniel Hassan, Backchannelmedia’s chairman and co-CEO. “You have a consumer sitting at home watching when they win the award, and they see an ad that says ‘Go to iTunes now to download this song.’ The consumer clicks the OK button and a link to that exact song is deposited into their iTunes account. Or they’re watching Oprah’s book-of-the-month club-one click and that book is not only dropped into their Web portal inbox, but if they’ve set it up through our Web services, it can be dropped into their personal Amazon shopping cart. It’s all about using a TV property to drive clicks to the Internet.”

I can see how this works well with Rachel Ray (cookbooks), Charlie Rose (books, movies), and even Monday Night Football (apparel). But what can you get when watching I Love New York 2? Besides, you know, a sense of self-satisfaction. Oh! Maybe some arsenic.


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